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‘Justice League’ Movie Teaser Trailer: The Flash Blue Lightning Decoded

‘Justice League’ Movie Teaser Trailer: The Flash Blue Lightning Decoded
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‘Justice League’ Movie Teaser Trailer: The Flash Blue Lightning Decoded

The teaser trailer released for “Justice League” at SDCC gave all the fictional characters appearing in the movie equal exposure. But Ezra Miller’s The Flash stood out among them all for his self-made mechanical suit and his unexplained blue lightning speed.

Since then many fans have broken down the video, giving the masses an in-depth analysis and revealing all the Easter eggs found in the teaser trailer. However, there was no explanation regarding the blue lightning that occurred when Barry Allen dodged the batarang.

In “Batman v Superman,” The Flash first appears in the end or after Bruce Wayne’s dream sequence. At first, it was evident that the speedster travelled back in time to warn Batman.

In the scene, fans can see white lightning all over the room due to The Flash’s speed. In the “Justice League” teaser trailer, the speedster sparks blue lightning when he moves.

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Fans were puzzled over the reason in change of color. However, a small clip posted by dceucentral on Instagram gave us a possible explanation. The post says, “White lightning is produced at a much faster rate and represents a stable connection to the speedforce. So pretty much the faster Flash is running and how stable his connection to the speed-force is result in the change of his lightning.”

In “The Flash” TV Series starring Grant Gustin, the Jay Garrick version of Zoom sparked blue lightning due to his immense speed whereas The Flash sparked yellow.

Similar to it, it looks like Zack Snyder has a different realistic approach in his potryal of the speedster. However, this is a mere theory.

In other news, During SDCC, Newsrama approach Grant Gustin to hear his opinion about DCEU’s portrayal of The Flash. The actor replied that, “Oh man, I haven’t seen this. I heard they might show it today, but I hadn’t seen it. That’s sick. I thought they might make it look like of like Injustice.” “It’s totally different from our costume. I like that our costume is more of the classic version. That’s something I don’t think you’ll see anywhere else.”

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