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Justice League Movie: New Darkseid, Superman Theory; Charles Dance Possibly as Steppenwolf

Justice League Movie: New Darkseid, Superman Theory; Charles Dance Possibly as Steppenwolf
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Justice League Movie: New Darkseid, Superman Theory; Charles Dance Possibly as Steppenwolf

Through Batman v Superman, DCEU established the storyline for Justice League movie. While it’s evident that either Darkseid or Steppenwolf will be invading earth in the movie, their intentions could be more than just control over the planet.

It’s unlikely to expect a detailed plot explanation from the team any soon this year. But DCEU seem to have planted some secret references in Batman v Superman movie, linking to Justice League.

Recently we came across a theory on Darkseid on Reddit. While the website is known for stretching speculations over the limits, this plot twist is plausible to an extent.

According to Redditor CaptainSpud368’s theory, Justice League movie could be “focused on Steppenwolf attempting to resurrect Darkseid through a new body. Which body? Well one that has recently died (sort of) and is extremely powerful – Superman’s body.”

The user connects his theory to the dream sequence in Batman v Superman movie. The long scene reveals planet earth already under invasion by Apokolips army. Moreover, Batman is seen fighting a horde of army with the “S” patch and Parademons helping defeat the Dark Knight.

While his theory seems interesting, it goes down deep inside the rabbit hole, suggesting Darkseid to have taken over Superman’s body. He also suggests that when the Man of Steel says, “She was my world. And you took her from me.” He is referring to Apokolips destroyed in the hands of Justice League.

The theory seems to go out of reason at its conclusion. But there’s another theory that hasn’t been speculated yet. In DC’s animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Supergirl is later manipulated or mind-controlled by Darkseid, coming close to killing Superman.

In an earlier article, we established that if resurrected, Superman is seen in a black suit in Justice League movie, it means that the Man of Steel is in no shape to fight and is recuperating from his battle with Doomsday. So, what if Darkseid gets control over Superman’s will when he is at his weakest form? It’s a possibility that we cannot deny.

In other news, there have been speculations that Charles Dance could have a chance to play the role of Steppenwolf . Cosmic Book News reported the rumor based on a tweet. While it may seem unlikely, know that the Game of Thrones director of photography is also the cinematographer for Justice League movie.

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