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‘Justice League’ Movie: 5 Predictions For Tuesday Reveal

‘Justice League’ Movie: 5 Predictions For Tuesday Reveal
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‘Justice League’ Movie: 5 Predictions For Tuesday Reveal

Warner Bros has decided to reveal details on the Justice League movie this Tuesday. Fans are riled up as a lucky few journalists have been invited to the movie set in London.

Since the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the DC Extended Universe team has been dropping hints all over the internet. While they were promoting Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman during Comic-Con, an unveiling about Justice League is indeed long overdue. These are our predictions for tomorrow’s announcement.


The supervillian for Justice League has fans kept on their toes. While the studio may have teased the arrival of Darkseid in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the release of the movie’s deleted scene revealed Steppenwolf. Kalibak also seem to have a high chance of arriving with any of the supervillians to conquer earth. A confirmation on Apokolips would be a good start.

Ares and Ocean Master

According to a leak on Reddit caught by Movie Pilot, Ares and Ocean Master would be the supervillians for Justice League. This plotline is plausible as it has been successful in the comics as well as the animated series.

The post says, “The villains for Justice League are Ares and Ocean Master. Ares will be weakened after Wonder Woman but the recent conflicts with the Kryptonians and previous wars have re-powered him. He will spark a war between Atlanteans and the Amazons so he can reach the height of his powers. Ocean Master betrays Aquaman and takes the thrown and leads the attack on the Amazons.”

Set images

According to Comic Book Movie, the reveal could contain nothing but behind-the-scenes images or perhaps on-set interviews with the stars. However, we believe the studio wouldn’t go with such, since this is the first big “initial” reveal by the producers.

Amber Heard replaced for Mera role?

This would probably be a long shot, and the studio wouldn’t have plans of starting its reveal with a setback, but according to Comic Book, Amber Heard’s divorce has been a problem with her professional life. The actress claimed she didn’t go through the costume-fitting session with the studio as she was too skinny.

Amber Heard is to play Mera, queen of the sea, in Justice League. However, after missing her schedule to meet the team in London, the actress hasn’t confirmed a reschedule. Although unfortunate, news of her possible replacement could be revealed.

New mystery character

The role of Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern has been a priority for DC’s Justice League. There doesn’t seem to be good reason for skipping him in Justice League.

If the studio is skipping GL due to its setbacks in 2011, the new mystery character could possibly be Martian Manhunter. But his role would shatter every theory and rumor about Justice League.

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