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‘Justice League’ Motherbox News And Teaser: Zack Snyder Shares Cryptic Message In Photo

‘Justice League’ Motherbox News And Teaser: Zack Snyder Shares Cryptic Message In Photo
Zack Snyder Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


‘Justice League’ Motherbox News And Teaser: Zack Snyder Shares Cryptic Message In Photo

Lately, Zack Snyder has been away from social media sites like Twitter. The “Justice League” director recently joined a new app called Vero. But he isn’t the only one from the world of DCEU using that app.

Initially, DCEU photographer Clay Enos joined Vero and began sharing behind-the-scenes updates. Since then, Zack Snyder tagged along with the photographer and has been sharing updates from his past and present DCEU titles.

Zack Snyder Shares Mother Box Photo?

Recently, Snyder shared a new cryptic photo on his Vero account. The image has been gaining traction on the internet as fans try to analyze and decode the message.

The photo was reposted by a fan on a DCEU sub-Reddit page. One user suggested that it could be the mother box from “Justice League.” However, the text on the metallic stone in the image says otherwise.

The text says “Grow a Pair,” with a short description, “Real power.” Some fans believe Snyder’s photo was in reference to the power of birth; it’s also possible that the director was teasing a scene or an object from “Justice League.”

Photo Shared On Vero Teases ‘Justice League’ Object ?

The metallic object with the scripture can be found in the image below. Fans can also follow Zack Snyder on Vero to keep track of his updates.

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Earlier, the “Justice League” director shared behind-the-scenes photos from the movie. The image was a location from Iceland similar to a scene from the teaser trailer.

Clay Enos has been sharing updates on Vero, too. Fortunately, the DCEU photographer revealed that his updates will also be available on Instagram and Twitter for now.

“Justice League” hits theaters on November 17, 2017. Recently, it was teased that the Green Lanterns Corp is involved in the movie as well. Furthermore, a report suggested that the casting for Hal Jordan’s Lantern has also begun.

What does this mean? from DC_Cinematic

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