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REPORT: Justice League: Green Lantern Corps Member Kilowog Confirmed, Image Revealed!

REPORT: Justice League: Green Lantern Corps Member Kilowog Confirmed, Image Revealed!
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REPORT: Justice League: Green Lantern Corps Member Kilowog Confirmed, Image Revealed!

Green Lantern has been rumored by fans to be the seventh member in Justice League. Although the recent teaser trailer and posters released by Warner Bros. didn’t feature the superhero, there have been speculations that his appearance would come in the form of a cameo in the movie.

Fortunately, earlier this month a credible CBM journalist hinted the existence of Green Lantern in Justice League. Since then, actors have been fan cast on twitter and have also been digitally altered into the space corps superhero.

Recently, it has been rumored that Green Lantern corps member Kilowog would also appear in Justice League movie. The fictional character is known for being one of the strongest realm protector and has also been a supportive aid to the Hal Jordon version of Green Lantern

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While the rumors gained traction among DC fans, an Instagram user is claiming to have source confirming Kilowog in Justice League movie. According to the user’s description, “set reports have seen KiloWog.”  Check out the image below.

Users on Reddit are claiming the source named Aqeel Hawaj to be credible. However, well-known DCEU insiders haven’t confirmed the alleged character yet.

The Instagram user also said that, “these reports warned me of the casting of William Dafoe, Jared Leto, Amber heard and Justice league dark.” This makes the recent claim on Kilowog more credible.

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While Green Lantern is likely to be in Justice League movie, fans are puzzled if DCEU would cast Hal Jordon or John Stewart version in Zack Snyder’s film.

Earlier there were speculations that Matt Damon could play as Green Lantern in the movie. However, the actor later revealed that he isn’t interest in playing the role due to its previous failure.

By far, the infamous Deathstroke has been hinted to likely appear in Justice League movie. The super villain has already been confirmed to be the main antagonist in Ben Affleck’s untitled Batman movie as well.

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