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Justice League: Gal Gadot Shooting As Wonder Woman Starts

Justice League: Gal Gadot Shooting As Wonder Woman Starts
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Justice League: Gal Gadot Shooting As Wonder Woman Starts

In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,”  Gal Gadot managed to steal the fans approval to play as Wonder Woman in DCEU. Currently her upcoming spin off and her role in Justice League is the most expected among Comic Book Movie fans.

While Gal Gadot won’t be back on the big screen till 2017, the actress still keeps the fans engaged with her announcements and updates via social media.

Currently, Gal Gadot is part of the on-going production of Justice League movie under Zack Snyder. Although the actress is busy with her schedule, the Wonder Woman recently shared an image of herself on Instagram.

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The picture reveals Gal Gadot going through some transcripts on “Sunday morning”. Fans on reddit believe the actress is reading her script and dialogues for Justice League movie.

The Justice League footage released at San Diego Comic-con revealed Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck’s Batman as important characters for the movie. Furthermore, it has also been established that both fictional characters are responsible for recruiting other metahumans as well.

Earlier this month, Gal Gadot also gave her fans a sneak peek into her training routine for the role of Wonder Woman in Justice League movie. The actress also has an official facebook page to share her updates as well.

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Wonder Woman movie will be releaseed on June 2nd, 2017. Recently, it was also revealed that DC’s infamous antagonist Ares will be appearing be in the film. Furthermore, the details of his presence were also explained briefly.

In other news, it looks Warner Bros. will be soon be announcing its plans for a sequel with Suicide Squad. Furthermore, fans are also expecting to hear news on Harley Quinn’s spin off movie as well.

Easy like Sunday morning

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