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‘Justice League’ Filming In Iceland Update, Location Set Images And Video

‘Justice League’ Filming In Iceland Update, Location Set Images And Video
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‘Justice League’ Filming In Iceland Update, Location Set Images And Video

Some DC fans have been misguided by the news that Justice League filming has wrapped up due to a picture shared by Jason Momoa on Instagram. However, director Zack Snyder has only completed production of the movie in London and will soon continue in Iceland.

Earlier last month, it was revealed from an official report that the Justice League crew will begin shooting at Djúpavík village in Westfjords in October.

As excited as fans were by the news, the article lost credibility as some information was revealed to be false by a credible source. Check out the tweet below.

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Recently, a report from an Iceland website revealed new details about the shooting location. The website also shared comments from hotel Djúpavík and revealed information on the set as well.

According to the source mentioned in RUV, Djúpavík has been closed by officials, and photographing of images has been banned. Fortunately, a person named Jon was still able to grab a picture of the location.

The website revealed that the hotel cancelled booking for the public for the “next two to three weeks” due to the upcoming filming of Justice League. Furthermore, the website’s source stated that security guards have been appointed in the location as well.

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In the image below, fans can take a look at the set currently under construction for filming of Justice League. It is an “abandoned herring factory at Djúpavík.”

YouTuber “Exploring With Cody” gave us a look at the location in his recent Vlog. He also revealed that officials are informing the public that a commercial is in the process of filming; however, it has been confirmed that the set is under construction for Justice League. Check out the video below from 8:11.

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