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‘Justice League Dark’ Movie: Director, Cast Details Revealed

‘Justice League Dark’ Movie: Director, Cast Details Revealed
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‘Justice League Dark’ Movie: Director, Cast Details Revealed

One of Warner Bros. untitled DC film has finally been revealed. Surprisingly, it looks like Geoff Johns has no plans on backing down the “Dark Epic” depiction in the upcoming DCEU movies as well.

It has now been confirmed that Warner Bros. next film is “Justice League Dark.” This comic book adaptation movie introduces characters like Deadman, John Constantine, Swamp thing, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon to fight against enemy that pose as threat with supernatural abilities.

According to the report from The Variety, it has also been confirmed that Doug Liman will be directing Justice League Dark. Furthermore, the movie is being scripted by Michael Gilio and will be produced by Scott Rudin.

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Previously, the director was in ties with Marvel Studios for “Gambit.” However, it was later revealed that Liman and the studio parted their ways due to reasons unknown.

Fans are excited to know more details on Warner Bros. cast selection for the fictional characters. John Constantine was previously portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the 2005 movie. However, the recent DC TV series by NBC gained a good fan following for Matt Ryan.

It has still not been revealed if Warner Bros. would cast Matt Ryan as John Constantine as the DC TV series was cancelled. Moreover, The studio hasn’t revealed any interest in involving fictional character from DC TV Universe in the past as well.

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Fans were earlier left disappointed when Ezra Miller was chosen to play as The Flash in DCEU instead of DC TV’s Grant Gustin. However, recently there were hints that both speedsters could crosspath.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment still haven’t officially announced Justice League Dark. While the studio had no comment according to The Variety, it is rumored that the reveal will take place in the upcoming Youtube Live Stream.

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