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Justice League Cast: Actor Possibly Playing CIA Agents, Talks London Wrap

Justice League Cast: Actor Possibly Playing CIA Agents, Talks London Wrap
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Justice League Cast: Actor Possibly Playing CIA Agents, Talks London Wrap

The recent filming wrap of ‘Justice League’ in London has bid its farwell to a few supporting cast members. It has now been revealed that English actor Russell Balogh was also one of them as well.

Earlier, Russell Balaogh revealed in an image that he is filming as a CIA agent. However, the actor did not reveal the title of the movie. Fans can check out the image below.

While it wasn’t possible for fans to figure out his filming schedule at time, the actor finally decided to unveil the title of the movie earlier this week. Surprisingly, it was none other than ‘Justice League’.

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In an image shared on Instagram, Russell Balaogh revealed that he has officially wrapped his filming for the ‘Justice League’ movie. The actor’s attire says ‘Film Crew’ as he is seen standing Warner Bros. studio in Leavesden.

In his Instagram image description, Russell Balaogh thanked Zack Snyder and a few other crew members. He also added that he was “privileged and honoured to have worked on this movie from the beginning to the end.” Fans can check out the image below.

Since he shared the image, fans on Reddit have been discussing the actor’s role in the movie. While some believed he could be playing a primary role in ‘Justice League’ movie, few fans pointed out his earlier image, revealing that he plays a CIA agent role in the film.

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Russell Balaogh is known among fans and in the filming industry for the titles as well. The English actor has played roles in movies like Jack the Giant Slayer, A Royal Night Out and Urban Hymn,

Currently, the rest of the ‘Justice League’ cast members are filming in Iceland. The movie is expected to hit theaters on November 17th, 2017.

CIA 🔫👊🏻🎥 #CIA #filming #movie

A post shared by Russell Balogh (@russellbalogh) on

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