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Justice League: 5 Big Reveals To Expect At San Diego Comic-con 2016

Justice League: 5 Big Reveals To Expect At San Diego Comic-con 2016
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Justice League: 5 Big Reveals To Expect At San Diego Comic-con 2016

As San Diego Comic-con nears, DC fans are probably more excited about Justice League reveals compared to the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. The big announcement made in June confirmed various celebrities as casts, unveiled costume details and more. So what can we expect this time?

Green Lantern

Earlier this month, we came across an image of Jason Momoa on Instagram. The actor was pointing at an image numbered 5 with his superhero name, Aquaman, as the image beside him was numbered 7 with Cyborg’s name.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DCEU confirmed six Justice League members for the upcoming movie in 2017. But based on this image there seems to be seven members, not six.

Speculations suggest Green Lantern as the seventh member in Justice League. If true, we can expect it be confirmed at Comic-con.

Steppenwolf Cast

Since Julian Lewis Jones confirmed that he has a role in Justice League movie, fans have been intimidated about the actor’s mysterious character. Lewis already confirmed that he has traveled to “various locations around the UK and Iceland.” A role that required him to be present on-set and during outside filming, could it be Steppenwolf?

If not the general of Apokolips, could it be Darkseid himself or an Atlantian? Perhaps the reveal would affect the plot as a whole but it’s announcement could help the team move past from sharing any detailed description of the movie.

Teaser Video

Remember the last teaser video of Batman v Superman at San Diego Comic-Con? DCEU has never failed at intimidating fans with their upcoming releases. While it’s still too early to expect a trailer for Justice League movie, we would probably be treated to a 30 second or lesser teaser.

Vague Plot details

DCEU could reveal some plot details from the movie. While Batman v Superman confirmed the invasion of the Apokolips army in Justice League, it later confused us with the deleted scene, showing Steppenwolf.

As Deborah Snyder confirmed that Justice League is a single stand alone movie, we can expect the studio to reveal some description from their storyline as there are possibilities for Darkseid, Steppenwolf and Kalibak to step into the movie.

 Superman Appearance

After the death of Man of Steel in Batman v Superman, fans have been puzzled over how DCEU would introduce Superman in Justice League. Would he be revealed in a black suit recuperating from his battle or manipulated to go against the Justice League?

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