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Just Like Lebron James: Justin Bieber Turns Down $5 Million Deal From RNC

Just Like Lebron James: Justin Bieber Turns Down $5 Million Deal From RNC
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Just Like Lebron James: Justin Bieber Turns Down $5 Million Deal From RNC

The GOP had offered the Justin Bieber his biggest payday to perform at the RNC and he had to turn it down! Why?

The world seems to be divided into Team Trump and Team Clinton and poor Justin Bieber has to pay the price for it. And he is not even American.

One of the GOP promoters had got in touch with CAA, the agency which represents Justin Bieber, to see if Justin would be interested in performing a 45-minutes show near Quicken Loans Arena, where the RNC took place.

They added that the GOP donors were willing to pay $5 million upfront in advance for the said event! That basically meant that Justin Bieber would have had been handed his biggest paycheck for a single event till date before he even started his show.

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Justin Bieber Performance

When asked if participating in the event would mean taking a political stance for Bieber, the promoter had explained that it was for entertainment purpose with no political obligations towards GOP on the singer’s part whatsoever.

But, the CAA and Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, was not so convinced, reports TMZ. Scooter was even less so because he is a self-proclaimed Hillary supporter, who even held a fundraiser in his house for her campaign.

However, since this was a good opportunity for Justin Bieber to put up some “Black Lives Matter” posters around a venue of significance, Braun did not immediately advise Justin against this deal.

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 Justin Bieber Rejects GOP Deal

When AAC mentioned this condition to the GOP promoter, they told Justin’s reps that the banners would only be allowed during the performance if they carried the words “All Lives Matter,” reports ELLE.

This led Braun to fess up to Justin that GOP might be trying to use him as a political tool and if Justin decides to go forward with this, he would quit from his post as his manager.

It is also no secret that most of Justin’s band members are Afro-Americans and hence would not be comfortable performing at the RNC.

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 Justin was further discouraged when reps of LeBron James, who was rumored to publicly announce his support during an upcoming Cleveland event, told him that LeBron had backed out of doing so and Justin shouldn’t take up the deal either.

All things considered, Justin Bieber decided to reject the million dollar payday offer.

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