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Real Life Jurassic Park: Fully Living T-Rex Made From Chicken Embryo, Report

Real Life Jurassic Park: Fully Living T-Rex Made From Chicken Embryo, Report
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Real Life Jurassic Park: Fully Living T-Rex Made From Chicken Embryo, Report

According to a post that is going viral, scientists at the North Carolina State University have retrieved a 68 million-year-old dinosaur DNA from the excavation site of a pregnant T-Rex fossil, bringing “Jurassic Park” back to life. Is this true or not?

Going by their reports, it has been derived that the researchers are in an attempt to produce the first living dinosaur embryo. This, they plan to do, by introducing the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s DNA into the skin shells of a chicken, reported World Daily News Report.

“We often think of the T-Rex as this huge crocodile-like bipedal reptile but in fact, its closest modern relative are birds and the T-Rex was actually the dinosaur equivalent of a chicken” one Linda Rushmore, named as head researcher at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Paleontology Research Lab explained.

“The similarity of both DNA’s actually surprised us at first and we are extremely enthusiastic about the positive results and growth of the embryo,” she further added.

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Hans Fraser, named molecular biologist at the North Carolina State University said the living embryo won’t be a complete dinosaur, but in fact a hybrid between a T-Rex and a chicken. Enthusiastic about the discovery, Fraser adds that he noticed the embryo growing at abnormal rates and claims that it is 65 times bigger at present, compared to an average chicken embryo.

The report was being widely shared across social media platforms, with people believing it in its entirety.

However, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science totally dismisses this report, claiming it to be UNTRUE. This story is a complete fabrication, and the names included in the report ARE ALL MADE UP, said the museum.

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NC State University, in a post, reveals the truth behind the “Jurassic Park” case. The post clarifies that hydroxyapatite mineral found in bones is a mineral that has a strong affinity for DNA and many proteins. But the possibility of recovering authentic DNA from dinosaur bone that has been siting the ground for 65 million years is a far cry from being practical.

The post also claims that although it may be possible in the future, with the help of modern technology, to recover authentic dinosaur DNA, no such DNA samples have been recovered as of yet.

Also, DNA is short-lived and cannot survive as long as a million years, left aside 65 million years. Dinosaurs walked the earth over 65 million years ago, and hence, the possibility of creating a dinosaur embryo from a T-Rex DNA is totally null, said NC State University cancelling the authenticity of the “Jurassic Park” experiment.

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