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Junk Exxon Sponsorship, Climate Change Experts Urge World Scientists

Junk Exxon Sponsorship, Climate Change Experts Urge World Scientists
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Junk Exxon Sponsorship, Climate Change Experts Urge World Scientists

A group of leading researchers has urged the world’s researchers in the field of Earth and space sciences to junk ExxonMobil sponsorship, a report shows.

In a petition letter from the group, which was posted on the website of the Natural History Museum, the researchers from various prominent universities and organizations around the world have expressed their disappointment regarding ExxonMobil’s climate denial. They claim that aside from climate denial, the company is also guilty of misinformation.

The letter, which was addressed to Dr. Margaret Leinen, President of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), was signed by more than 100 scientist members of AGU. “Even today, Exxon continues to fund the American Legislative Exchange Council, a lobbying group that routinely misrepresents climate science to US state legislators and attempts to block pro-renewable energy policies,” the group wrote in the letter addressed to AGU president.

The petitioner slams Exxon’s effort to ‘slander and sabotage science’. The group alleges that Exxon ignored the validity of climate models, which the group has been pushing for. This is on top of Exxon’s effort in downplaying the importance of renewable energy policies.

The AGU, is the world’s largest congregation of Earth scientists. Most of the scientist members of AGU are researchers based from leading universities and organizations in the world such as Penn State, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), among others.

The ExxonMobil is yet to respond to the petition letter issued by the group. Morning News USA has reached out to ExxonMobil for their side, but the company is yet to respond to our email as of this writing.

The company’s policy statement posted on its website remained unchanged. “We have the same concerns as people everywhere – and that is how to provide the world with the energy it needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” ExxonMobil’s perspective on climate change as posted on its website.

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