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Julie Andrews Recalls Iconic Scene From The Sound of Music

Julie Andrews Recalls Iconic Scene From The Sound of Music
Image from Stephen McKay


Julie Andrews Recalls Iconic Scene From The Sound of Music

Image from  Stephen McKay

Image from Stephen McKay

One of the most memorable scenes in the 1965 film “The Sound of Music” happens to be the first time viewers see Maria, played by the magnificent Julie Andrews.

In a scene that has been emulated countless times, Maria is seen atop a lush hill spinning and spinning until she belts out the titular song.

From the comfort of the couch, that particular scene looked as if it was very easy to pull off, but in an interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC News, Julie Andrews narrated the real complexities behind the iconic moment.

“We actually went up the mountain in big, open carts, pulled by oxen. I would sit on top of all the camera equipment, and then they’d hoist me up and up we’d go,” Andrews said.

Contrary to what was believed by many, the hill scene was shot in Germany, not in Austria. The land as of now is owned by a well-known mountain climber, who had allowed the crew of ABC News and 20th Century Fox to re-enact the opening scene of “The Sound of Music.”

Rain and wind almost made the scene impossible to shoot, according to Andrews. She also struggled to steady herself while a helicopter with the crew flew past her.

“This giant helicopter came at me sideways with a very brave cameraman hanging out the side of … where the door would be normally … the helicopter would shoot me, and I’d come from one end of the field and he’d come from the other,” she explained.

When asked what her least favorite song in the movie is, Julie Andrews didn’t have to think twice.

She picked I Have Confidence, which she had a difficult time understanding what the lyrics supposed to mean.

“I decided that the best way to sing ‘I Have Confidence’ was to go completely nuts with panic and fear in this sort of mad, busy way,” she said.

The interview aired on Wednesday, March 18.

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