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Julian Assange WikiLeaks October Surprise: Schedule, Live Stream And Facts To Know

Julian Assange WikiLeaks October Surprise: Schedule, Live Stream And Facts To Know
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Julian Assange WikiLeaks October Surprise: Schedule, Live Stream And Facts To Know

A planned announcement in London was cancelled. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now planning to appear in Berlin.

Assange will appear via video on Tuesday morning at WikiLeaks’ tenth anniversary celebration. This will act as the latest addition to the series of festivities that would be taking place this week in Germany.

It was declared on the WikiLeaks’ Facebook page and Twitter that the founder of the organization will speak at the event, which takes place at 3 a.m. Eastern time. The Internet transparency organization, WikiLeaks, announced that the change of venue was made “due to specific information.”

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According to Heat Street, the organization did not specify any further. However, the publication noted that on Monday, several tweets were made saying WikiLeaks accused the Clinton camp of wanting to assassinate Julian Assange.

It was also reported by certain sources close to the event that Assange might be planning to disclose fresh information, which was obtained by his organization, regarding the U.S. Democratic Party.

However, the reports did not specifically confirm whether the Australian founder has plans to release information on Hillary Clinton.

Assange had made arrangements to deliver a speech from the balcony of the Ecuador Embassy, during which it was expected he would leak data that could be devastating to U.S. presidential candidate Clinton.

“Tomorrow’s press conf in Berlin proceeds. London speech by Assange has been moved to Berlin due to specific information,” Wikileaks wrote on Twitter.

In August, Assange stated that he was planning to release “significant” information about the Democratic nominee before the November 8 elections, said CNet.

“I don’t want to give it away,” Assange told Fox News in August.

“But it’s a variety of documents, from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles, some quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

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