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Julian Assange October Surprise 1st Batch: Here’s Where To Read Podesta Emails

Julian Assange October Surprise 1st Batch: Here’s Where To Read Podesta Emails
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Julian Assange October Surprise 1st Batch: Here’s Where To Read Podesta Emails

WikiLeaks had leaked its first set of October Surprise in a series of emails known as Podesta Emails, named after Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

An 80-page document made up the entire first batch of emails, which contained parts of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street firms. These speeches and their facts were considered to be problematic during her campaign, by the campaign staff.

One can simply download the 80-page attachment from WikiLeaks’ official site. The emails are available as an online book format, which could downloaded from

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Excerpts of the Podesta emails are also available, and these include Hillary Clinton’s thoughts on politics, Dodd-Frank, Wall Street, fracking, Snowden, the TPP, and marijuana, said NPR.

There were excerpts in which, speeches could be discovered. It showed that Hillary Clinton was paid a lot of money to provide suggestions to big banks on how to form relationships with Wall Street. However, these suggestions were a lot more pragmatic than the rhetoric she had used at times on the campaign trail.

“I represented all of you for eight years. I had great relations and worked so close together after 9/11 to rebuild downtown, and a lot of respect for the work you do and the people who do it,” she told a Goldman Sachs symposium on October 24, 2013.

In another speech at the National Multi-Housing Council, on April 24, 2013, the Democratic nominee said that politics was nothing but a “sausage” being made. She went on to say that politics is also “unsavory,” and it had been that way.

According to FOX News, the Hillary Clinton campaign responded to the leak by stating that the new series of damaging WikiLeaks documents were insignificant. The publication noted that the campaign was putting an effort to defend the Democratic candidate’s frank views on such issues as Wall Street and the middle class.

“They’ve put out documents that are purported to be from my account,” Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said.

“There’s nothing that she said that she hasn’t said in private that she doesn’t say in public; she’s put forward the most aggressive Wall Street plan of any candidate.”

In entirety, Clinton’s campaign had not given any certainty regarding the authenticity of the leaked Podesta emails. However, the campaign also had not refuted the truthfulness of some of the contents of the emails.

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