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Julian Assange Dead, Poisoned By Sandwich From Pamela Anderson – Report

Julian Assange Dead, Poisoned By Sandwich From Pamela Anderson – Report
Rueda De Prensa Conjunta Between Canciller Ricardo Patino Julian Assange Cancillería del Ecuador / Wikimedia Commons cc

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Julian Assange Dead, Poisoned By Sandwich From Pamela Anderson – Report

Conspiracies abound concerning Julian Assange, with many saying that the WikiLeaks founder is dead after he was poisoned by Pamela Anderson.

It was reported that Pamela Anderson went to meet the Australian hacker at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. She had with her a vegan Pret a Manger sandwich. Several theorists are now considering that the sandwich was laced with poison.

Hours after claims of poisoning, the WikiLeaks founder said that his internet link was “severed” by the country granting him asylum. The only way the Australian hacker could connect to the outside world was taken away from him.

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According to the Daily Mail, supporters of Assange are claiming that the cyber attack was orchestrated by Americans.

The Daily Beast said in its report that Pamela Anderson visited the Ecuadorian embassy to meet the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief while she carried several Pret a Manger bags.

Talking to the press after the meeting, Anderson jokingly said, “He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.”

However, the comment was interpreted by conspiracy theorists and WikiLeaks supporters as something entirely different.

One of them wrote to ask people not to believe in false rumors that Assange was alive. The user also wrote that the “Clinton machine” can create body doubles, adding, “ARREST PAMELA ANDERSON NOW.”

The theories came to light after WikiLeaks tweeted cryptic messages hours before. The messages were considered some sort of a “Dead Man’s Switch,” as previously reported by Morning News USA.

While it was claimed that the Ecuadorian embassy itself disrupted the internet access of Assange, embassy officials refrained from commenting, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. However, the embassy said it would keep providing him asylum, the same way they did since 2012.

“In the presence of speculations in the last few hours, the Ecuadorian government ratifies the validity of the asylum given to Julian Assange four years ago,” Ecuador’s Foreign Relations Minister Guillaume Long said.

“We confirm that the protection provided by the Ecuadorean state will continue while the circumstances that motivated the claim for asylum remain.”

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