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Julian Assange Dead: Where He Is Now After WikiLeaks 2016 Release Of US Diplomatic Cables

Julian Assange Dead: Where He Is Now After WikiLeaks 2016 Release Of US Diplomatic Cables
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Julian Assange Dead: Where He Is Now After WikiLeaks 2016 Release Of US Diplomatic Cables

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange broke his silence after the elections, quelling rumors of his alleged death. Releasing a new wave of confidential diplomatic cables on the sixth anniversary of the infamous “Cablegate,” the 45-year old Australian has made his return to the spotlight.

Assange is still in the same place he has been in for the past four years – the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. However, it seems that he is ready to leave what has been his home since 2012.

However, it looks like leaving the embassy is easier said than done. Ecuador’s prosecutor said on Monday that he does not see a quick way out of London for Assange.

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Ecuador To Give Assange’s Written Testimony Regarding Sexual Assault Case

According to the The Guardian, an Ecuadorean state attorney accompanied by a Swedish prosecutor questioned Julian Assange at the embassy on November 14. This was regarding the WikiLeaks founder’s allegations of sexual assault in Sweden that occurred in 2010.

Ecuador must deliver a written version of the testimony to Swedish prosecutors and will do so in December. This was according to Ecuadorean prosecutor Galo Chiriboga.

According to Reuters, Assange fears being deported to the United States once he leaves the safety of the Ecuadorean Embassy. He is currently wanted by the United States under charges of espionage for releasing top-secret government documents.

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Swedish Prosecutor To Blame For Slow Progress On Julian Assange Sexual Assault Case

“Four years have passed and we are only at this stage, but that is no longer attributable to Ecuador,” Chiriboga told reporters. “It is attributable to Swedish prosecutors. I do not think there is a quick way out.”

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Guillaume Long said this month that Assange should receive guarantees that he will not be extradited if he faces justice in Sweden.

Many supporters of Assange have asked President-elect Donald Trump to pardon the WikiLeaks founder. According to them, Assange is a hero for exposing confidential documents and therefore should not be prosecuted for his actions.

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