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Julian Assange Announcement Full Video Replay: Assange October Surprise Fails Expectations

Julian Assange Announcement Full Video Replay: Assange October Surprise Fails Expectations
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Julian Assange Announcement Full Video Replay: Assange October Surprise Fails Expectations

In a live video stream, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke about the philosophy of his crusading organization and how it functions.

During the live stream, the WikiLeaks founder said that over the last ten years, his organization has released ten million documents comprising of ten billion words. Assange said that while he believes numbers aren’t everything, it’s a start.

Assange continued by saying that what WikiLeaks released was nothing but information that existed in the world. He also said that if these facts have not been released, they would have been kept inside a private vault and could never be part of the “collective civilizational knowledge.”

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According to the Daily Mail video, Assange explained that the path his organization follows is sort of “romantic” and “quaint.” He also explained that it was an idea that did not belong in the present world; it would, though, sometime in the future.

“…if you’re understanding the world, you do something sane if it isn’t rational,” the Australian said.

However, it was reported that hopes for the October Surprise were crashed after Assange decided to hold off publishing devastating documents and information about the U.S. elections or Hillary Clinton. Assange informed that the organization will release around one million documents involving the elections and three governments.

Adding to that, Assange denied that the release is entirely aimed at damaging Hillary Clinton, according to Zero Hedge. He said that the release will take place this week.

“Some of our sources have suffered terrible consequences in the United States,” he said, mentioning Chelsea Manning as one of them.

“It teaches you something about the structure of power.”

Julian Assange stated that WikiLeaks shall release election-related information before November 8. He confirmed that these documents will be covering topics including war, arms, oil, Google, and the U.S. elections.

It was also reported that WikiLeaks was going to start with its first release this week. However, Assange later stated that he did not want to point out if this week’s publication will be election-related, according to Heavy.

“Do they show interesting features of U.S. power factions and how they operate? Yes they do,” the WikiLeaks founder said.

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