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Joyce Meyer Dead: Popular Author, Inspirational Speaker Passes Away Due To Illness – Report

Joyce Meyer Dead: Popular Author, Inspirational Speaker Passes Away Due To Illness – Report
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Joyce Meyer Dead: Popular Author, Inspirational Speaker Passes Away Due To Illness – Report

A pall of groom enveloped the Christian community when news broke out online that Joyce Meyer, a charismatic author and founder of the Joyce Meyer Ministries, was reportedly dead.

The 73-year-old preacher’s supposed demise spread like wildfire on social media, especially among her legions of followers who couldn’t believe she had already passed on to the afterlife.

And the source of the tragic news? A breaking headline which read: “Joyce Meyer dies at 73.”

The report alleged the popular American evangelist was taken to an unnamed hospital and expired shortly after, further claiming she was “sent to an autopsy.” Fans of Joyce Meyer simply couldn’t accept the fact their source of inspiration was dead, as she had time and again proclaimed during her sermons that she wouldn’t die for years to come, according to the Inquisitr.

The lady minister was well-loved by her congregation not only because of her powerful sermons, but also due to her contagious sense of humor. She enjoyed recounting a story of how she become jealous of a neighbor who was gifted with a coat which was supposed to be given to her.

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Another anecdote she loved to tell was a vision of her being visited by a pastor while she was delivering a tirade against him. It therefore was inconceivable to think that Joyce Meyer, a World War II veteran’s daughter who would go on to become one of the most powerful speakers of the Christian world was dead.

Snopes, however, had this to say to the preacher’s followers: the news of her death is purely a hoax. The online entertainment site categorically debunked the erroneous report spread by unknown website Updater 24, which claimed the lady pastor “had died after a short illness.”

The site noted that Updater 24’s “About Page” didn’t contain any disclaimer that its news was false or was written merely for satirical purposes, The hoax-busting website also pointed out that Updater 24’s did not carry bylines, while content of its website were whole passages copied and pasted from Wikipedia.

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But the most convincing proof presented by Snopes that Joyce Meyer was not dead was a tweet she made hours the report of her demise came out, which read: “It is tremendously uplifting to think on the goodness of God and all the marvelous works of His hands. #Battlefield20.”

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