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Jordan Smith: 5 Facts About Him You Probably Didn’t Know

Jordan Smith: 5 Facts About Him You Probably Didn’t Know
Jordan Smith – The Voice via Facebook


Jordan Smith: 5 Facts About Him You Probably Didn’t Know

Jordan Smith has received tremendous popularity for his performance at The Voice.

While the champion of The Voice won’t be decided until Tuesday, Jordan Smith looks like a definite winner.

Smith replaced Adele with his rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love” – which became the No. 1 song on iTunes – to take the top spot. “Every week I am just shocked,” he said, as reported by Parade. “It still doesn’t seem real. I don’t think it will ever become normal. Some artists work their whole life for chances like this. I never imagined a year ago that I would be here and doing this and be so successful. Every week, I am surprised and blown away, and humbled by it, honestly.”

On Tuesday, Smith’s friends and family gathered at the Harlan Center venue to watch The Voice live. His elder brother, Tyler Smith, spoke of his brother, “I held him the day he was born. I was 8 years old, holding this newborn baby, and now I’m watching him do that, you know. I mean, it’s so cool. It really is. It’s awe-inspiring, is what it is.”

While Smith continues to rule the charts and win more and more hearts with each day, here are five facts you probably didn’t know about him (compiled by People):

  1. Smith’s girlfriend, Kristen Denny, flew to California from Kentucky to show support for Smith at his blind audition. Denny shared a screenshot of the couple’s FaceTime session on Twitter. “When your boyfriend is on the other side of the country, this is what #datenight consists of! @JordanSmithLive,” she wrote in her post. This month, Smith sent her a gift for her birthday. On Instagram, Denny wrote of the presents she received, saying, “A new @katespadeny bag earlier this week and these beautiful roses delivered to work today. I’m definitely a lucky girl! Blessed to have a wonderful man in my life who is so good to me! I love you, sweetheart!!”
  1. Smith had auditioned for season 8 of The Voice, but unfortunately didn’t make it through. Staying in touch with the producers, he appeared for another audition in season 9. As reported by Lexington Herald-Leader, Smith described this as “a huge sign to me that it was something I should do, because the timing wasn’t perfect. I felt like it was a door that God had opened, because I didn’t go seeking it out.”
  1. During his blind audition, Smith revealed that he gets called “ma’am” a lot over the phone. “On the show, they really highlighted the fact that I don’t look like I sound, which is OK with me, because that’s the message that I want to get across; that it’s okay to be different than people expect you to be and not fit the mold,” Smith said. “We live in a world that is hurting, where people disagree over things that don’t matter and things that are on the outside.”
  1. In an interview with People last month, he admitted that he had never been out trick or treating. “I’ve dressed as Scooby Doo. My girlfriend and I dressed up as the Fox and the Hound – that was fun, but I have never been out trick-or-treating,” he said.
  1. Some of Smith’s most memorable experiences prior to The Voice include performing at the second inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2013 as a member of the Lee Singers, a group from his school Lee University, and at the Vatican.

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