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Jon Watts Reveals More On Vulture From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, Tom Holland Interview & More

Jon Watts Reveals More On Vulture From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, Tom Holland Interview & More
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Jon Watts Reveals More On Vulture From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, Tom Holland Interview & More

Initially, announcements regarding Spider-Man: Homecoming are considered doubtful as there were rumors of its exclusion from Marvel’s panel at the SDCC. However, the studio proved us wrong when the main cast was present at Hall H.

During Marvel’s panel on Spider-Man: Homecoming, the studio screened a teaser trailer. Although it still hasn’t been released publicly, fans got a first look at the movie’s main supervillain, the Vulture, through a concept art.

After reports describing the teaser trailer, fans are more excited to witness the actual footage of Vulture. Fortunately, Jon Watts gave us some insight. During his talk with Collider, Watts said, “It’s a very tech based approach to how The Vulture would build a wing suit and how he would fly, It’s not just cool design, it’s a big part of the story. That I can’t give away, but there’s some cool stuff that goes along with that.”

The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn’t seem to be half-animal half-human, but rather a person using advanced technology and a flying suit. Watts also responded to a query, saying, “From the very beginning, we wanted to try to keep it tech based just to keep it different initially from what we had seen before. Just getting away from anything that was too similar to [the past], and it sets up a really cool thing that I don’t want to talk about yet! It’s gonna be awesome.”

Click here to check out the whole interview.

In other news, Tom Holland spoke to Collider about his role as Spider-Man. Moreover, the 20-year-old shared details on Peter Parker and his development as a high schooler.

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