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Jokes Are Half Meant? Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Joke About Reuniting

Jokes Are Half Meant? Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Joke About Reuniting
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Jokes Are Half Meant? Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Joke About Reuniting

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have reached a new comfortable level in their newfound friendship after they broke up from nearly a decade’s worth of relationship. They may not be reuniting soon, but at least the former couple is comfortable enough to make fun about a possible reunion on Snapchat. They forget, though, that jokes can be half-meant.

On Monday, Kourtney put out some Snapchat clips of her and Scott hanging out together. Even though they broke up, the two currently love showing to the world that there is no bad blood between them. They share three kids, after all.

One clip, however, was shocking to many followers. In the video, the two proclaimed that they are back together. While it was obvious that they were joking, some still think this is a sign that a reunion is possible.

“We’re back mates!” Kourtney on the video said. Scott then replied, “Hey, so, we wanted you guys to hear it first. We are getting back together.” He then proceeded to put a kiss on Kardashian’s head. Kourtney laughed and said “no.”

Kourtney also shared another Snapchat video to her Instagram account, showing how close they really are despite the circumstances. In this video, Scott can be seen shaking his Starbucks tea at the camera before reaching around to grope Kourtney’s chest. Woah. Acting as if they’re still together, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, they are not back together. Entertainment Tonight confirmed from a source close to Kourtney that the silly snap proclaiming they are back in each other’s arms was definitely “a joke.” The source explained, “Kourtney and Scott are 100 percent not back together. Scott would have to be sober for years for the reason that Kourtney even considered getting back together with him.”

However, as stated by PEOPLE, the former couple who went on their separate lives in July after nine years has no plans to avoid each other. They are mostly hanging out for their kids. Earlier this month, Kourtney and Scott took their two eldest children Mason, 6, and Penelope, 3, to Universal Studios Hollywood to enjoy some quality family time at the “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.”

Their reconciliation is also hindered by the fact that Scott is reportedly seeing someone else. Us Magazine claimed that Scott has moved on with 20-year-old girlfriend Christine Burke. Scott and the model have also been spotted having a dinner at Nobu Malibu. They also went on a vacation at Joe Francis’ home Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Mexico.

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