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The Joker Dances With Harley Quinn In New Statue, Teases New Costume For Margot Robbie [Photo]

The Joker Dances With Harley Quinn In New Statue, Teases New Costume For Margot Robbie [Photo]
The Joker Joel Gonsalves / Flickr CC BY 2.0


The Joker Dances With Harley Quinn In New Statue, Teases New Costume For Margot Robbie [Photo]

“Suicide Squad” extended scenes of The Joker in Digital HD may have slightly appealed to the fans. But it’s still disappointing that the character’s significance was ignored in David Ayer’s movie.

“Suicide Squad” also misled fans to an extent, leading the audience to believe that The Joker and Harley Quinn team up would be part of the plot as well. However, the movie contained few scenes of the criminal couple together.

The Joker Dancing With Harley Quinn Statue Created From Suicide Squad?

Surprisingly, “Suicide Squad” still managed to perfectly explain the origin of Harley Quinn through The Joker. Moreover, a particular scene of the Clown Prince and Harley teases that the character will have a classic touch in future films.

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In the first act of “Suicide Squad”, fans can spot Harley and The Joker dancing together. The scene reveals Harley wearing her classic origin costume. Unfortunately, fans only get a glimpse of it.

Recently, a new statue of Margot Robbie wearing the classic Harley Quinn costume was spotted at CCXP 2016. Moreover, the statue was dancing along with Jared Leto’s The Joker.

Harley Quinn New Costume Mash Up of Classic Suit?

Currently, it is unsure whether the statue will be available for sale as “Suicide Squad” merchandise. But the costume teases a similar version to be worn by Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in “Birds of Prey”.

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The dancing statue was kept on the spotlight for the audience at CCXP 2016 to check out. Fans can take a look at it below.

While “Suicide Squad: Extended Cut” gave us extra scenes of The Joker, it didn’t reveal new scenes of Harley Quinn. However, fans got to take a better look at Dr. Harleen Quinzel and her transformation into to the criminal.

Jared Leto still hasn’t confirmed his appearance in any upcoming titles to reprise his role as The Joker. But there are possibilities for the clown prince to appear in “Birds of Prey” and reboot “The Batman”.

Upcoming Harley Jester & Joker Suicide Squad Statue From CCXP from DC_Cinematic

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