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Joie Kinney, 28, White Female: Found Dead In West Hollywood Dumpster

Joie Kinney, 28, White Female: Found Dead In West Hollywood Dumpster
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Joie Kinney, 28, White Female: Found Dead In West Hollywood Dumpster

On Thursday morning, law enforcement authorities identified a woman found dead in a West Hollywood trash dumpster as Joie Kinney.

The 28-year-old West Hollywood resident’s body was discovered around 11:57 a.m. Wednesday in the 8700 block of Beverly Boulevard, located across the street from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Her body was wrapped with a certain kind of material.

According to KTLA, officials have claimed that Joie Kinney’s body was left in the area for quite some time. There has been no arrests as of now; however, detectives have persons of interest.

It was reported by witnesses that they have been noticing suspicious activity in the area Tuesday evening.

In a news release provided by the L.A County Sheriff’s Department, it was stated that there were no obvious signs of blunt force trauma to the victim. Although a cause of death was not yet determined, the press release still confirmed that her death can be deemed “suspicious.”

The body was discovered in the parking lot of a former Jerry’s Deli on Beverly Boulevard across the street from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

A male witness saw something peculiar around the area where the body was found. This took place within a short time before police arrived, said CBS News.

“It looked like someone was digging in there,” Ronnie Estars, the witness, said, as quoted by CBS News.

Another witness said, “We were throwing the trash late at night when we finished work. We saw a bunch of boxes not inside the dumpster and we saw like piles of bottles like on the side and we were like wondering,‘What’s going on here.'”

Homicide Sgt. Marcelo Quintero from L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said that investigators came to know about Joie Kinney’s body in the dumpster after someone reported about a deceased person at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station.

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