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Johnny Manziel Demoted For Lying About Timeline Of Video

Johnny Manziel Demoted For Lying About Timeline Of Video
Johnny Manziel Erik Drost / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Johnny Manziel Demoted For Lying About Timeline Of Video

Johnny Manziel has lost his starting job with the Cleveland Browns because he lied about when a video of him partying was recorded.

Johnny Manziel, the Cleveland Browns quarterback, has lost his starting job because he lied to the team’s coaching staff about when a video of him partying in Austin, Texas, was recorded.

Exactly a week after being promoted to the starting role, Manziel was demoted to third string for Monday’s game against Baltimore Ravens after social media posts surfaced showing the 22-year-old partying during the team’s bye week.

The controversial video (watch above) shows Manziel in a nightclub, rapping profane lyrics while holding what appeared to be a champagne bottle. Exactly a day after the video surfaced, Browns announced that Josh McCown would replace Manziel in the starting unit.

According to Fox Sports, Manziel lied to coach Mike Pettine about when the video was filmed. The report also states that Manziel asked his friends to lie about the date of the video.

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Pettine laid down the law, making it clear to Manziel that he had to act in a responsible manner. “When you have a great opportunity in front of you, it is important that you demonstrate that you can handle the responsibility that comes with it,” Pettine explained on Wednesday. “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the trust and the accountability piece. This is where we had an obvious shortcoming,” added the Browns coach.

Despite the demotion, Pettine is not giving up on a young talent like Manziel. “This is a heavy dose of adversity. We’ll see how he (Manziel) handles it. We told him yesterday, this isn’t a dead end. This is a hurdle.”

Manziel, who spent 10 weeks in a treatment facility during the offseason for undisclosed reasons, made headlines last month after witnesses reported him driving recklessly on an interstate highway. In fact, Manziel’s girlfriend said that he had gotten physical with her in the car. After being questioned by police, Manziel was let loose and escaped any punishment from the NFL.

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