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Johnny Depp’s Alleged Violent Past Exposed! Amber Heard Telling The Truth?

Johnny Depp’s Alleged Violent Past Exposed! Amber Heard Telling The Truth?
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Johnny Depp’s Alleged Violent Past Exposed! Amber Heard Telling The Truth?

Is there really a concrete evidence for Amber Heard’s claim that Johnny Depp was a violent husband?

In its report, Radar Online revealed some instances wherein the 52-year-old “Pirates of the Carribean” actor showed off his violent side.

The entertainment site shared that in 1994, the former husband of the 30-year-old actress allegedly attacked a man after mistakenly picked up the actor’s drink.

“He pulled both my ears very hard,” the man reportedly said.

The actor’s rumored violent tendency was allegedly further supported when Johnny Depp “was arrested and charged with criminal mischief after trashing a hotel room at New York City’s Mark Hotel,” just few weeks after the incident with the man.

In the said incident inside the hotel room, the police suspected that he was drinking and was with then-girlfriend Kate Moss who he fought with over an unknown reason.

By breaking 17th century frames and paintings and burning a carpet and a chair, he was directed to pay the hotel $9,767.12 in damages. However, amid what happened, the “Police agreed to dismiss the charges if he stayed out of trouble for six months.”

Meanwhile, in a 1999 incident in a London restaurant, Johnny Depp, who was with five-month pregnant Vanessa Paradis then, allegedly hit a paparazzi with “a block of wood.”

“He said if we took a picture he’d smash our heads in,” witnesses narrated at the time. “He’d kill us.”

Thus, when a photographer took a photo of him and his ex-wife, “he reportedly swung the wooden block.”

In the meantime, TMZ reported that Johnny Depp’s assistant, Stephen Deuters, denied the text messages. which reportedly proved that he apologized to Amber Heard for the actor’s alleged “violent behavior.”

The report pointed out that per Deuters, “he will testify under oath he never had a conversation about alleged violence with Amber,” allegedly done by Johnny Depp.

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