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Amber Heard Johnny Depp Abuse Allegations Sparks Rape Culture Debate

Amber Heard Johnny Depp Abuse Allegations Sparks Rape Culture Debate
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Amber Heard Johnny Depp Abuse Allegations Sparks Rape Culture Debate

At the heel of the recent Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce news, the issue sparked debates of rape culture and feminism.

People in social media expressed their opinions about Johnny Depp’s alleged abuse against wife of 15 months Amber Heard, which was revealed when the latter filed a complaint in a Los Angeles court.

In a report by Gossip Cop, a lot of Twitter users stood by the 30-year-old actress, with the hashtag #IStandWithAmber trending in the microblogging site just hours after the news broke.

Many claimed that those who would accuse Amber of lying without knowing the facts are just perpetuating the “rape culture.”

“Domestic abuse is never okay, just because the abuser is famous shouldn’t make a difference #IStandWithAmber,” @kayleighhislop_said.

Another one commented, “Abuse is a serious matter. Don’t call someone a liar, gold-digger, or attention seeker when they’re brave enough to speak up. #ImWithAmber.”

Meanwhile, amidst the flow of support for The Danish Girl star, there are some who questioned the woman’s claim, triggering debates on feminism and rape culture.

“Lets be honest, none of these hashtag warriors “stand with” her,” user The Wolf commented in the Gossip Cop report. “They are mentally unstable feminists who want the law changed so that a woman’s word is automatically believed no matter what.”

He added that instead of waiting for the proper trial, women who are claiming abuse wanted the accused to be guilty until proven guilty.

“But even then they’ll make some ridiculous claim such as rape culture or their boogeyman “The Patriarchy” if a woman is found to have lied,” he added.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce broke last Friday, as the actress claimed that he went ballistic in their Los Angeles apartment and even threw an iPhone at her, resulting to a bruised faced, NBC News said.

She said in her sworn statement that she was “in fear that Johnny will return to (our house) unannounced to terrorize me, physically and emotionally,” as he was reportedly drunk and high, two days following the passing of his mother.

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