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On John Lennon’s 35th Death Anniversary, #InternetTheBeatles Breaks The Internet

On John Lennon’s 35th Death Anniversary, #InternetTheBeatles Breaks The Internet
John Lennon Mural, Camden Town London Loco Steve / Flickr CC BY 2.0


On John Lennon’s 35th Death Anniversary, #InternetTheBeatles Breaks The Internet

John Lennon’s 35th Death Anniversary: You won’t believe how The Internet and social media is remembering the musical icon and The Beatles.

John Lennon’s assassination was 35 years to this day. While it’s an apt time for the world to pay homage to the late Beatle, the modern way of social media is giving fans innovative ways to broadcast their tributes. The hashtag #InternetTheBeatles is more than just a trend for Lennon’s legion of fans. It’s a way for them to incorporate everything Beatles behind every Tweet.

The concept behind #InternetTheBeatles is simple. Since The Internet wasn’t around during The Beatles era that culminated with Lennon’s death in 1980, tweeters have decided to imagine a world in which the legendary band was still alive and kicking in today’s hashtag generation.

Credit goes to Comedy Central show ‘At Midnight’ which sowed the seeds for the twitter phenomenon. They started it by asking contestants to mash up Beatles lyrics with internet tropes such as jokes about internet chat rooms and 404 Errors. But the creative ones on social media have taken it up a notch.

Let’s go over some of these enjoyable tweets:

In this recreation of The Beatles’ album cover of Help, the fab four stand atop a router. It can be best described as a think joke about WiFi signal.

In this rather offensive but hilarious post, Abbey Road has been taken over by ISIS.

‘I Me Minecraft’ is a mash up of Beatles hit ‘I Me Mine’ and popular videogame Minecraft.

This one is a fun mash-up of hit single ‘With A Little Help From My Friend’ and Facebook users’ world of Friend Requests.

Why My GOAT Gently Weeps is a hilarious mash-up of ‘While my guitar gently weeps’ and the famous picture of Michael Jordan breaking down during a television interview in the 1990s. Jordan is referred to as GOAT – an abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time.

In this meme, Ringo Star has foreseeably taken the form of Star Wars icon Yoda.

Use the hashtag #InternetTheBeatles to tweet your interesting memes and humor-filled tributes for John Lennnon and The Beatles.

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