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John Kerry Severes Julian Assange Internet, Assassination Looming – Report

John Kerry Severes Julian Assange Internet, Assassination Looming – Report
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John Kerry Severes Julian Assange Internet, Assassination Looming – Report

Amidst the email dump made by WikiLeaks, Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly asked to severe Julian Assange’s Internet.

It was reported that the current Secretary of State ordered Ecuador to stop Wikileaks from publishing documents that could damage Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The idea was suggested by the crusading whistleblower organization.

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According to an official WikiLeaks tweet: “Multiple US sources us John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations.”

The organization also reported that John Kerry had a meeting with Ecuador in private. The meeting was made along the lines of negotiations that took place on September 26 in Colombia.

However, it still unknown if Kerry’s interference was the reason for the cutting off of Julian Assange’s online access on Saturday. WikiLeaks’ revelation from last night disclosed what actually took place.

The Associated Press is speculating in a new report that Ecuador ultimately bowed to compulsions from Washington to silence the vocal Australian hacker following the revelations.

The publication noted that on Tuesday, Ecuador’s government admitted it has cut off internet access for the WikiLeaks founder at its embassy in London. The act was made after the crusading website released a set of devastating emails from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“The decision to make this information public is the exclusive responsibility of the WikiLeaks organization,” the Ecuadorian foreign ministry said.

They also said that they stand by their 2012 decision to provide political asylum to the founder of WikiLeaks; however, they could not let anyone hamper the sovereignty of other nations.

According to early reports by Morning News USA, on October 17, WikiLeaks gave cryptic messages regarding Secretary of State John Kerry. Since then, speculations of Assange’s assassination have taken the higher ground.

Morning News USA also reported that Assange’s assassination had been plotted before the November elections. This went simultaneously with the story that WikiLeaks will be releasing damning documents against Hillary Clinton before the November elections.

Now that Ecuador has reportedly bowed down to the demands of USA, this increased chances of the Australian hacker getting arrested or killed.

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