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John F Kennedy Killed By Insider: Deathbed Confession Reveals All!

John F Kennedy Killed By Insider: Deathbed Confession Reveals All!


John F Kennedy Killed By Insider: Deathbed Confession Reveals All!

It was a deathbed confession that revealed a shocking account of who was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. One ex-government agent is now saying that “someone from his team” had actually shot the late president dead as the fated convoy traveled through Dallas in November of 1963.

The man who made the shocking confession was only known through the code name “Ron.” He used to be part of President Kennedy’s security team. He revealed the shocking truth to filmmaker Oliver Stone before he lost his battle to cancer.

“You kill the president, and your cover is security, and if the sniper or snipers who kill the president are hidden in with the guys who are supposed to protect him, guys who have no knowledge of this plot… It makes a lot of sense,” an excerpt from a book about Oliver Stone reads.

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In the book, Stone details his meetings with Ron and why he believes the idea that President Kennedy was killed by someone in his inner circle is plausible.

“The scenario he laid out was very practical. It’s the way I would do it, if [I] were going to do something like that,” the book further states.

According to a report from the Express, Ron, at first, told his son about JFK’s assassination in Dallas. In the end, however, Ron wanted the world to know, so he proceeded to reach out to Stone through a series of secret messages. After some time, Stone finally met with Ron. The latter’s use of “military jargon” convinced Stone that the story is “very authentic.”

For some time, Stone hung onto Ron’s secret, choosing to release the former security agent’s confession only after he died. Stone would then share Ron’s confession to Matt Zoller Seitz, the author of the upcoming book about Stone.

When the Daily Mail asked Seitz why he thinks Stone waited this long to share the former agent’s story, he said, “I think it was because he trusted me, and also because both the father and the son have been dead for a while.”

It has long been believed that it was former U.S. marine Lee Harvey Oswald who shot the president from the Texas School Book Depository. Two days later, Oswald himself was shot dead by a night club owner connected to organized crime.

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