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Joe Jonas Band DNCE: Facts, Members, Album Release Date

Joe Jonas Band DNCE: Facts, Members, Album Release Date
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Joe Jonas Band DNCE: Facts, Members, Album Release Date

Joe Jonas’ band DNCE debuted in 2015 and provided Jonas his own road to success after he ceased to become a member of the former Jonas Brothers. Their first studio album which was slated to be released this summer will be dropping in October and will feature songs from their first EP Swaay.

Jonas’ dance rock band is also scheduled to perform on NBC’s ‘Today Show’ on August 26, and has tour lined up the entire fall. DNCE has also been nominated for the category of Best New Artist at the MTV VMAs, which are slated for August 28.

“’Cake by the Ocean.’ Playing that live, everyone goes insane,” Jonas said during an interview with the Entertainment Weekly. Now “Toothbrush” too. It’s cool to see the reaction [because] you would think that they would be a little bit too left for everyone, but it’s cool to see everyone connecting really well, even in the international markets where English isn’t their first language.”

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The other three members of the band include drummer Jack Lawless, guitarist JinJoo Lee and bassist/keyboardist Cole White.

According to a report by the, ‘Cake by the Ocean’ was co-written by Joe Jonas along with Justin Tanter and producers Mattman & Robin. According to him, it’s because of the producers that the unusual title of the song came into being.

“Working on the record, these Swedish producers that we were working with, they kept confusing ‘sex on the beach’ with ‘cake by the ocean,’ so that’s how the song started,” Joe Jonas was quoted as saying by the MTV. “Then, it became this kind of lyrically wacky song, and it kind of embodies the band. It’s funky, it’s fresh, I think it’s something that people can dance to.”

Jonas and Lawless have known each other for 10 years and has toured with the Jonas Brothers, while Whittle was associated with the group ‘Semi Precious Weapons.’ Lee was also a part of the Jonas Brothers tours and has performed with Charlie XCX and CeeLo Green.

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