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Joe Biden Presidential Announcement Might Come Sooner Or Later

Joe Biden Presidential Announcement Might Come Sooner Or Later
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Joe Biden Presidential Announcement Might Come Sooner Or Later

Vice President Joe Biden could soon announce that he is running for the presidential seat come elections of 2016. Various reports were saying that he is calling his friends and top political aides to weigh in the pros and cons of running.

Joe Biden making phone calls to political allies

Biden might confirm his decision to run anytime this week, according to ABC KVUE. Another report from The Wall Street Journal said that the vice president is already making calls to friends and family members, consulting about his potential presidential bid. He is reportedly asking around whether Hillary Clinton makes a strong rival. According to WSJ, Mr Biden will be making his announcement before the month ends.

NBC News, meanwhile, reported that Mr Biden’s decision will come by the end of August or early week of September. The report confirmed, indeed, that the vice president had been calling his allies to ask what his chances are if he runs.

According to a Democrat insider who has spoken on condition of anonymity and who had a long phone conversation with Biden, the vice president is already decided to run but is still grieving Beau’s death. The insider said Mr Biden would have to get through the grief first before he could make the run.

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“I am thinking about it but I’m also thinking about Beau,” Mr Biden reportedly told the source.

“I think he is doing the analysis and homework. I can’t emphasize this enough: He is distraught over Beau’s passing and working through the grief,” the source explained.

“He won’t do it if he doesn’t think he can do it 110 percent,” the source added.

Some of Biden allies are still waiting for his call

Mr Biden’s supporter and friend from New Hampshire, Mary Carey Foley, has yet to receive a call from him, CNN reported. South Carolina state legislator James Smith, on the other hand, is anticipating “having a call with him soon.” A source close to Mr Biden told CNN, however, that there is no big deal about his calls. The source said Mr Biden is fond of making calls all the time.

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