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More Jobs Generated At The Start Of Trump Administration



More Jobs Generated At The Start Of Trump Administration

People have more jobs now compared to the last administration, at least in the non-farm sectors.

Non-farm payroll employment grew by 235,000 in February. This is only within one month after President Donald Trump was sworn into office. Many consider this to be good news for the labor sector.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing the increase of non-farm payroll employment and the country’s unemployment rate remaining steady at 4.7%.

The increase in employment is seen in private educational services, construction, manufacturing, mining and health care.

For private educational services, employment increased by 29,000 in February. Around 28,000 jobs were also added in the manufacturing sector. Mining, meanwhile, witnessed an increase by 8,000 and has risen to 20,000 after reaching its lowest number in October 2016.

Furthermore, health care gained an additional 27,000 jobs, while professional and business services continue to rise at 37,000.

You can read more of the report here.

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