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Jimmy John’s To Offer $1 Subs Again

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Jimmy John’s To Offer $1 Subs Again

Here’s a good reason to head over to Jimmy John’s soon. The restaurant chain will be offering subs for only $1.

On May 2, Jimmy John’s is celebrating its 2017 Nationwide Customer Appreciate Day by rolling out a deal too good to pass up on. For just one day, the restaurant chain will be offering a number of its sandwiches for just $1.

The deal will be good for a number of the restaurant’s famous 8″ sub sandwiches. There’s the #1 Pepe with ham and provolone cheese. There’s also the #2 Big John with medium rare choice roast beef. Also part of the promo is the #5 Vito that got Genoa salami, provolone cheese and capicola. For something lighter, you can also choose the #3 Totally Tuna or the #4 Turkey Tom. Meanwhile, if you are vegan, you can still take advantage of the $1 sub promo by ordering the #6 Vegetarian.

At the same time, Jimmy John’s says that their $1 sub promo is also available for any purchase of their Plain Slims. That means you have choice among ham and provolone cheese; roast beef; tuna salad; turkey breast; salami, capicola and provolone cheese as well as double provolone cheese.

In addition, the company also says that customers will be allowed to order their $1 Sub as an Unwich. Moreover, they can also choose to order their sandwiches on wheat although there are stores who may charge extra for the wheat bread. “Please confirm with the store before ordering,” Jimmy John’s said.

Promo doesn’t include pick up and delivery orders.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the $1 sandwich promotion is only for in-shop orders. That means that deliveries will still be charged full price, the same goes for those who are doing pick up orders. That is why Jimmy John’s decided to set a $100 minimum for online pickup orders that day. ” Setting the online minimum at $100 prevents confusion for customers who may try to order a $1 sub for pick up, and allows us to still serve our online catering customers,” the company said.

And in case you’re really hungry, Jimmy John’s says you can possibly queue again for another $1 sub. “If you would like more than one $1 sub, you can go through the line multiple times, at the store’s discretion,” the restaurant chain explained.

Whatever you do, be sure to come in early as lines tend to pile up outside Jimmy John’s location quickly. The promo will run from 4 PM to 8 PM local time. Check here to find out participating Jimmy John’s locations.

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