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Jimmy Fallon Submits To Ronda Rousey’s Famous Armbar Move

Jimmy Fallon Submits To Ronda Rousey’s Famous Armbar Move
Image from Flickr by Warren B.


Jimmy Fallon Submits To Ronda Rousey’s Famous Armbar Move

Jimmy Fallon

Image from Flickr by Warren B.

UFC women bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (famously known as “The Arm Collector”) made a guest appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show.

The UFC star, who says she can beat 100% of men in her weight class, was asked by host Jimmy Fallon to demonstrate her signature arm bar, the same move she used to force Cat Zingano into submission in just 14 seconds in UFC 184.

According to the LA Times, Rousey described her famous armbar submission move. “So you have a person’s arm. And your arm doesn’t go beyond 180 degrees, right? And it doesn’t take a lot of pressure, you just push it right at the elbow.”

However, Fallon, who was clever enough to have established a safety word with Rousey – “Rumpelstiltskin” – before she delivered the move, tapped out after six seconds.

“That was scary,” Fallon said.

“It’s like putting your head in the mouth of a lion!”

Rousey appeared at the Tonight Show to promote her memoir “My Fight/Your Fight,” which has a scheduled release date of May 12, and to talk about her role in the movie version of “Entourage.”

Rousey has won all but two of her 11 MMA fights.

The 28-year-old wrestler will be fighting Brazil’s Bethe Correia (9-0) at UFC 190 on Aug. 1 in Rio.


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