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Jihadi John Tortures Hostages With Mock Execution


Jihadi John Tortures Hostages With Mock Execution

ISIS Video

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Spanish journalist Javier Espinosa, a former ISIS hostage, has shared in harrowing details how ‘Jihadi John’ tortured him and other hostages with mock executions and other forms of psychological tortures. Espinosa was released by the group on March 2014 after 194 days in captivity since September of 2013.

‘Jihadi John’ A Blood Thirsty Psychopath

‘Jihadi John,’ already identified by British authorities as Mohammaed Emwazi, is a bloodthirsty psychopath, according to Espinosa.

He said Emwazi was fond of menacing hostages with the idea of having their throats cut opened. Each day, ‘Jihadi John,’ together with other ISIS guards, will inform hostages it is the day of their executions, Fox News reported.

Many of the hostages were already freed, seven died, six were killed and another one remained in captivity, Fox News said.

At some point, Emwazi brandished an old sword for Espinosa’s mock execution.

“He caresses my neck with the blade but kept on talking: ‘Feel it? Cold, isn’t it? Can you imagine the pain you’ll feel when it cuts? Unimaginable pain.’ It was brushing my jugular now: ‘The first hit will sever your veins. The blood mixes with your saliva,'” Espinosa wrote.

“The Beatles – that was our nickname for the three British militants guarding us – loved this sort of theater. They had sat me on the floor, barefoot, with a shaven head, a thick beard and dressed in the orange uniform that had made Guantanamo, the American prison, famous,” Espinosa wrote.

ISIS Update

The Kurdistan Region Security Council alleged that ISIS used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon to attack peshmerga fighters. The attack reportedly happened at the border of Mosul and Syria. The council said they found 20 gas canisters in the area, transported by trucks earlier seen before the incident. Furthermore, torn clothing and sample soil analyzed in a laboratory found traces of the deadly chemical agent.

Dozens of peshmerga fighters were treated for “dizziness, nausea, vomiting and general weakness,” an unnamed source told The Associated Press.

“The fact ISIS relies on such tactics demonstrates it has lost the initiative and is resorting to desperate measures,” the Kurdish said in a statement obtained by the AP.

Alistair Baskey, White House’s National Security Council spokesman, said the U.S. government has yet to confirm the veracity of the allegation. However, the government finds it deeply disturbing, Baskey said.

“If there are parties engaged in such use, they should be held appropriately accountable,” Baskey told the AP.

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