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JFK Airport: Usain Bolt Triggers Shooting Scare

JFK Airport: Usain Bolt Triggers Shooting Scare
Men’s Track – Usain Bolt Tom Thai CC BY 2.0

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JFK Airport: Usain Bolt Triggers Shooting Scare

Scores of people were evacuated from the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday minutes after Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt bagged a gold medal in the 100 meters event, winning it for the third time in a row, at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

However, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey have said that no bullets were fired from the incident.

JFK Airport scare: Reports of gunshots being fired

According to footage gathered from surveillance cameras, people started acting extremely disruptive after watching Bolt’s record-setting victory at Terminal 8 of the airport. This, the police are saying, sent others into a state of panic, triggering a chain reaction that caused them to run for safety.

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As reported by Chicago Tribune, a 911 call was received by the police shortly after 9:30 p.m. The caller, a woman, said she heard gunshots being fired at the terminal.

Freelance cinematographer Albert Salas said he heard loud bangs at Terminal 1 of the JFK Airport, New York, after 10 p.m. He said he was sure they were gunshots. “People started running and yelling, and some threw themselves on the floor,” Salas said.

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JFK Airport scare: There was a “loud bang and people started screaming”

Diana Brooks was returning on Sunday when she was met with a large mass of passengers at Terminal 1 attempting to escape what was believed to be gunshots.

“I was confronted with wall-to-wall people, a crush of people going through this narrow corridor, pushing and shoving,” Brooks said. “All of a sudden I hear a loud bang and people started screaming, screaming and sprinting. But there was really nowhere to go, so people were being knocked over and panicking. It was a stampede, it was mob mentality and people were freaking out.”

As reported by CBS New York, while the operations were shuttered for three hours they are back to normal. All the terminals are operational now.

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