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#JeSuisBruxelles: Hergé’s Crying Tintin Goes Symbolic After Brussels Attacks

#JeSuisBruxelles: Hergé’s Crying Tintin Goes Symbolic After Brussels Attacks
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#JeSuisBruxelles: Hergé’s Crying Tintin Goes Symbolic After Brussels Attacks

Different images of Tintin, the popular cartoon character in Europe today, have circulated online to show sympathy to those who died in the tragic Brussels attacks Tuesday. Millions have shared on their social media accounts different versions of crying Tintin with the hashtag #JeSuisBruxelles.

After the simultaneous attacks in Zaventem Airport in Brussels and Maelbeek Metro Station, messages of sympathy from all over the world have flooded the world wide web, and one of those who gained so much attention is the fictional character and a young reporter, Tintin.

Through his timeless masterpiece, the Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who became an important cultural icon in Belgium’s history, has expressed his solidarity to millions of Belgians who suffered fear after the coordinated attacks that killed at least 34 individuals even if he’s long been dead for more than three decades now. Remi, the man behind the classic comic “The Adventures of Tintin,” is popularly known by his pen name Hergé.

Thousands have also shared on their Instagram accounts images of crying Tintin, who is usually portrayed as a vibrant and energetic young man who loves adventure, the Huffington Post reported. This time, Remi creation has been depicted as a grieving boy, somehow represents the sentiments of millions of Belgians who are still making sense of the tragic terror attack that shook the whole country.

In times like this, even a fictional character, like that of Tintin, can be a symbol of unity to rally behind this tragic time in Belgium’s peaceful history.

In connection to the Tuesday attacks in Brussels, the US State Department has issued a travel alert to all its citizens throughout Europe. The advisory, which dated to expire on June 20, warned all US citizens of high travel risks across Europe following the coordinated attacks. The US government likewise encouraged its citizens to avoid unnecessary travels going in or out of Europe, if possible.


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