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Jessica Alba Faced Three-Year Crisis In Her 20s

Jessica Alba Faced Three-Year Crisis In Her 20s
Jessica Alba Albert Domasin/Wikimedia Commons CC BY

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Jessica Alba Faced Three-Year Crisis In Her 20s

In less than a month, Jessica Alba will be celebrating her 35th birthday. The star of the action crime film “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” said though that becoming a year older does not bother her at all. She said she loves her life now, unlike 10 years ago.

Speaking with E News, the lead actress of “Dark Angel” said, “I have to say I like me better at 35 than at 25.” She explained, “I definitely went through a crisis at 25, 26, 27. I don’t know, it was like a 3-year crisis. Then I had the honor at 28, and I felt like everything just kind of fell into place and made sense. I feel really good at the moment, and I’m excited about turning 35.”

The mother of two, Honor and Haven, gave a sneak peak of her forthcoming namesake collection “Jessica Alba x DL1961″ as well.  In the process, she detailed what her plans for her birthday are.

“I’m trying to figure out a fun celebration for my birthday. I’m thinking maybe a girl thing with some of my friends. Then, I was thinking to celebrate the occasion at my house. It would have to be a game night, for the reason that I love a good game night!”

Meanwhile, ABC News reported that Jessica’s billion-dollar Honest Company is in the firing range again. Alba’s Honest Company is under fire with a proposed class-action lawsuit that charges the company of fake advertising regarding their cleaning products. According to the lawsuit, the company’s dish soap and laundry detergent contain some harmful chemicals.

The company’s representative has already released a statement denying these allegations. “The Honest Company takes its responsibility to our consumers seriously and strongly stands behind our products,” the statement reads.

“These allegations are without merit,” the representative added.

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