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Jesse Eisenberg Spotted As Lex Luthor, Possibly Filming for Justice League Movie

Jesse Eisenberg Spotted As Lex Luthor, Possibly Filming for Justice League Movie
Jesse Eisenberg Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc


Jesse Eisenberg Spotted As Lex Luthor, Possibly Filming for Justice League Movie

Since Jesse Eisenberg played as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman movie, it has been established that his character would play a prominent role in DCEU titles. However, the presence and importance of the mastermind villain in “Justice League” was concealed by the actor and the studio as well.

Recently, it was revealed that the crew and cast members of “Justice League” will travel to Iceland. It was further explained that it would be the next location of filming for the movie.

Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amber Heard and many other celebrities were confirmed to be part of the filming in Iceland, according to an earlier report from WESTFJORDS. Surprisingly, Actor Jesse Eisenberg was also mentioned in the source.

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A recent image has also started to hint the possibility Jesse Eisenberg to be part of the filming as well. A twitter user posted a photo of the actor sporting the Lex Luthor’s iconic bald head look. Check out the image below.

While the actor would likely have an important role in “Justice League” movie, his presence in Iceland is currently unconfirmed. The source that claimed Jesse to be part of the filming also said Jared Leto would be in the film. However, it was later confirmed by a credible source that it was a false allegation.

the source also claimed Julian Lewis Jones would be part of the filming in Iceland. however, the actor had already confirmed it earlier this year.

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In “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” deleted scene, the footage confirmed that it was Lex Luthor who was responsible for leading the Apokolips army to Earth. In “Justice League,” the superheroes will be battling the same army.

Jesse Eisenberg recently played as Daniel Atlas in “Now You See Me 2.” Currently, the actor has no projects under way except “Justice League.”

Under direction by Zack Snyder, “Justice League” movie will be releasing on November 17th, 2017.

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