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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Confirmed: Unhappy With Justin Theroux Baby?

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Confirmed: Unhappy With Justin Theroux Baby?
Jennifer Aniston Camilo Rueda López/ Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Confirmed: Unhappy With Justin Theroux Baby?

Is Jennifer Aniston really pregnant but just unhappy about expecting a child with Justin Theroux? Doctors say she really looks pregnant!

On Wednesday, photos of the 47-year-old actress in her bikini leaked online along with the speculation that she is finally becoming a mom after a year of being married to the 44-year-old actor-scriptwriter.

Accordingly, the bod that she flaunted while in the Bahamas obviously showed off a baby bump.

In the follow-up report of “In Touch Weekly” magazine released on Thursday, it stood up for its story after several doctors have allegedly confirmed that Jennifer Aniston is indeed pregnant and a certified mom-to-be, basing on how she looked at the published beach snaps.

“It looks as though she could be between two and four months pregnant,” the first doctor the magazine asked reportedly said.

The second pointed out that “The tell-tale signs are the isolation of the weight gain in the abdomen and the lack of weight gain in the legs, arms and buttock region.”

The third doctor interviewed supported the statements of the first two.

“This doesn’t look like someone that ate a big lunch, the stomach just doesn’t bloat like that,” the third medical practitioner stated. “This looks like classic third month of pregnancy.”

When the newest pregnancy rumors hurled against Jennifer Aniston broke, Gossip Cop immediately reported that such claim was merely a lie.

The report stressed that the former “Friends” star “is NOT ‘pregnant,’ despite a supposed ‘world exclusive’ announcement. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the report, which, in actuality, is body-shaming the non-expectant star.”

In the article of “In Touch Weekly” magazine on Wednesday, a source, who was reportedly a close pal of the couple, dished that “She’s pregnant.”

The source even added that both Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are “ecstatic” upon learning about her pregnancy especially that the actress “has wanted to have a baby with Justin for years.”

But if she refuses to admit this or in a state of denial, could she be unhappy that she’s pregnant with Justin Theroux’s baby? Is she hoping to reunite with Brad Pitt, as rumors claimed?

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