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Jennifer Aniston Catches Justin Theroux Making Secret Calls To Ex Lover?

Jennifer Aniston Catches Justin Theroux Making Secret Calls To Ex Lover?
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Jennifer Aniston Catches Justin Theroux Making Secret Calls To Ex Lover?

The American actress Jennifer Aniston and husband Justin Theroux might end their marriage soon. Reportedly, Aniston caught Theroux communicating with his ex-lover.

According to Radar Online, if the cheating scandal of the American actor turns out to be true, Aniston and Theroux can break up with $170 million at stake. The actor of the television series “The Leftovers” has been accused of making calls to the 39-years-old costume designer Heidi Bivens.

A source claimed that the 44-year-old Theroux and Bivens have been friends for 14 years. The source also said that, “for months, Jennifer has been suspicious that her husband was communicating with Bivens.”

Aniston found out about Justin and Heidi’s communication when an unfamiliar New York number called Theroux’s cell phone. When Aniston asked her husband about the call, Theroux only replied that it was, “a friend who you don’t know.”

Aniston was so suspicious that she dialed the number and identified the voice. This prompted Aniston to confront Theroux.  “Aniston broke down in tears and demanded that Theroux cut off communication with Heidi immediately. Justin tried to apologize and made a few lame excuses about him and Heidi are having mutual friends,” the source revealed.

The source asserted the couple’s cheating incident is the ultimate betrayal for the actress and her absolute worst nightmare. However, Gossip Cop contradicted the report of Radar Online. As the representative for both Jennifer and Justin exclusively confirmed to Gossip Cop that the “cheating” and “divorce” allegations are not in accordance with reality.

The couple got married only in 2015. If these rumors are true, it will be a sad day for all the parties indeed.

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