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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Takes Role Of Negan In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Takes Role Of Negan In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Takes Role Of Negan In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will introduce one of the self-titled comic book series’ major characters, Nolan, to be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

After reports confirming that “The Walking Dead” season 7 will commence, the series showrunners revealed that Nolan, a famous character from “The Walking Dead” comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, will finally make his appearance in the TV series.

The actor who will portray Nolan was lodged to “The Good Wife” actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“The Walking Dead” season 5 finale showed Glenn’s death, which triggered unkindly reactions from fans of the TV and self-titled comic book series altogether. The said readers have expected Negan, a crucial character in the series, to appear before Glenn’s demise. However, his appearance has not been effected when the shocking death of Glenn commenced.

However, “The Walking Dead” director Greg Nicotero revealed that the character Negan, whose appearance has been anticipated for several seasons of the TV series, will finally show his face in season six’s finale, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Nolan, the fierce leader of a group known as the Saviors, will wreak havoc in Rick Grime’s world. This character and his group were known in the comic book series to have utilized force and intimidation in getting their way to take control over other communities like Alexandria.

In fact, during the character’s first appearance in the 100th issue of “The Walking Dead” comic book series, it showed Grime’s dismay regarding Nolan’s group’s conquer mechanisms and wished to bring the leader down, especially when Nolan started stealing community supplies from citizens in lieu of them being protected from walkers by the Saviors.

When Glenn apparently died before Nolan’s appearance, fans were stricken because the comic series indicated that the former would be killed by Nolan. It was indicated that “Lucille,” the name Nolan gave to his baseball bat covered in barbed wire, was the one that caused Glenn’s death. This further explained that Nolan was supposed to be the killer of Glenn.

In other news, TV Line reported that the casting call for Nolan under the role name “Orin” was already decided for. It was soon revealed that “The Good Wife” actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will fill out the role. He is expected to appear by the end of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” season 6 finale this coming spring first as a guest star. Nonetheless, Morgan will later on appear in the series’ seventh season as a regular.

Because of Nolan’s entry into the storyline of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” fans are arguing about the veracity of Glenn’s death as he was supposedly murdered by Nolan in the comic book series’ version. Now that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been confirmed to suppress the role, will Glenn be brought back to life and effectuate his death in the hands of Nolan?

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