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Japan Skating Rink Owner Remorseful After Backlash Over 5000 Frozen Fishes

Japan Skating Rink Owner Remorseful After Backlash Over 5000 Frozen Fishes
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Japan Skating Rink Owner Remorseful After Backlash Over 5000 Frozen Fishes

  • Skating rink in Japan freezes 5000 dead fishes in ice.
  • Outrage over “morality” issues on social media causes skating rink to shut down.
  • Skating rink owner has issued a formal apology on the matter.

Japan is known to try many out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to creating something unique. But those very ideas can get it into trouble when they come in conflict with people’s sense of morality. Check out this Japan skating rink news.

Japan Skating Rink: Space World’s “Weird” Ice Skating Rink

Such was the case depicted with Space World, one of Japan’s amusement parks, when they decided to embed 5000 dead fishes in ice for its skating rink.

Over 25 types of fishes were frozen under the surface of the skating rink. These include mackerels, sprats, sting rays and whale sharks. Some had half of their head or body peeping out of the surface of the ice. On the other hand, others were merely shadows underneath the ice.

In an attempt to be innovative, some of the fishes were even positioned in a manner where they spelled the words “Hello” and arranged like an arrow.

As soon as the bizarre skating rink was unveiled, people on social media flew into rage and disgust. Angry comments like “disrespectful of life” and “appalling lack of morality” were directed towards the spectacle.

Owner of Space World apologizes for making people uncomfortable.

As a result, Space World, located in Kitakyushu, south-west Japan, was forced to close down their ice skating rink event. Initially, the event was supposed to continue until spring of next year.

The General Manager of Space World, Toshimi Takeda expressed his remorse at having sparked such unpleasantness among people. He clarified that his intention had not been malicious in the slightest.

“We had intended to give the feel of the ocean to this ice skating rink with the image where the fish are swimming in the ocean and to give more fun to the visitors and to learn about the fish,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

He further added, reports The Guardian, “We deeply apologize to people who felt uncomfortable about the Ice Aquarium event. As a result, we have stopped the event from today.”

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