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Janice Dickinson Secures First ‘Victory’ Over Cosby Case

Janice Dickinson Secures First ‘Victory’ Over Cosby Case
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Janice Dickinson Secures First ‘Victory’ Over Cosby Case

Janice Dickinson has secured her first victory in her defamation case against Bill Cosby. The court has ruled that she has enough evidence to proceed with the case. What great news for the model, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

According to USA Today, Dickinson scored her first sweet victory against alleged sexual abuser Bill Cosby. The Associated Press even reported that the former supermodel shouted “Victory!” after the ruling.

Last year, Dickinson filed a case against Cosby, stating he drugged and raped her back in 1982. She joined other women accusing the legendary comedian of the same. When the legal team of Cosby nullified the claim, she sued him for defamation. Cosby’s camp tried to get the court to dismiss the lawsuit, but it was recently ruled that Dickinson can proceed with the case.

According to the judge, Dickinson’s claim can be considered credible and should be allowed to proceed. The judge said there is a need to determine if Cosby’s lawyer calling Dickinson a liar is defamatory or not.

Dickinson’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, tells USA Today that the judge found enough evidence to say the case should proceed. “For nine months, Mr. Cosby has sought to have her case thrown out,” Bloom said.

“Today, Judge Debre Weintraub found that Ms. Dickinson had offered sufficient evidence (from her own declaration and those of multiple corroborating witnesses) and that a trial is appropriate in this case. Mr. Cosby did not submit a declaration denying her claims,” Blood added.

Dickinson and her lawyer are not going to keep a single stone unturned to fight the case. They are committed to bringing Cosby down over what he did. “I look forward to our day in Court to prove Ms. Dickinson’s case. Ms. Dickinson and I are committed to this fight until the end,” the lawyer said.

Cosby’s camp, however, is not idly sitting by, waiting for this day. They will also fight to the end. The camp mentioned that one of the two things Dickinson put forward to justify her defamation claims cannot be used in the trial. They are confident that the case can still turn around in their favor.

Dickinson is lucky that her case is allowed to proceed. According to Hollywood Reporter, dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual assault, but in most of the cases, the cases could not proceed. A former Temple University worker charged him of sexual abuse in 2004. He was set free through a $1 million bail.

The Cosby case is not the only battle Janice Dickinson has to go through. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing treatment. There is no denying, however, that the ruling is a great victory for the model.

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