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Janet Jackson Risky Pregnancy: Singer To Reportedly Sue Her Gynecologist

Janet Jackson Risky Pregnancy: Singer To Reportedly Sue Her Gynecologist
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Janet Jackson Risky Pregnancy: Singer To Reportedly Sue Her Gynecologist

Janet Jackson has gained about 100 lbs of weight within a few months of getting pregnant! Is it all her gynecologist’s fault?

No one thought that Janet Jackson could conceive at the age of 49, but by some miracle she did! However, what should have been a blessing and the happiest time of her life is slowly turning into a nightmare as she has reportedly gained 100 pounds in a span of just a few months!

Such an abnormal weight gain is never a good sign for expecting mothers, especially when they have a late pregnancy. There are a number of health risks involved in late pregnancy which can be triggered by unhealthy diet or excessive weight gain.

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Janet Jackson Weight Gain

And due to the singer’s tremendous weight gain, she has been put to a strict bed rest. According to Mix 96.5, Jackson was last seen, out the public, when she excitedly announced to the world that she and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, are pregnant.

Since then, she has gone into hiding and reports are saying that “she didn’t want anyone to see that she was already getting huge”.

However, there are more serious issues plaguing the famous singer than just risking a tarnished image in the media. Jackson runs the risk of medical conditions such as “high blood pressure, excessive water retention, joint and back problems” due to her sudden weight gain, reports Hollywood Life.

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Janet Jackson Pregnancy

She might also suffer from a case of “gestational diabetes”, which leads to the obesity of the baby pre-birth, causing the baby to not fit into the birthing canal. This means that Jackson will have no choice but to have an emergency C-section performed during child-birth.

But since Jackson has the privilege of hiring some of the best doctors for her aid, it is shocking that they did not do anything to prevent her situation from getting to such an alarming point, especially her gynecologist, who should have advised her better.

Surely Jackson realizes the callousness of the doctors in charge of her health and diet by now! Would she consider suing her gynecologist for carelessness?

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