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‘Jane The Virgin’ Gina Rodriguez Pressured To Have Swimsuit Model Body

‘Jane The Virgin’ Gina Rodriguez Pressured To Have Swimsuit Model Body
Gina Rodriguez CC BY-SA 2.0

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‘Jane The Virgin’ Gina Rodriguez Pressured To Have Swimsuit Model Body

American actress Gina Rodriguez said she initially found it hard to feel confident in Hollywood. While confident of herself, she admitted that she, too, felt pressure to look skinny like a swimsuit model.

In an interview with Yahoo, Rodriguez spoke out about the pressure she felt to be skinny.  The “Jane the Virgin” actress told Joe Zoe (Yahoo Style editor-in-chief) that being confident in life did not immediately translate to being confident as an actress. She felt the intense pressure to look a certain way, too.

“If we want to talk about real life, I slay, OK? Like, slaaayyy!” she said. However, when it comes to being an actress, Rodriguez said that “of course” she has fallen into the pressure of feeling like she is not good enough. “100 percent I’ve fallen into the culture,” she admitted.

She now knows otherwise. “You think if you look like this swimsuit model, then you’re hot and everybody’s going to want you and the money will flow through and everything’s going to be great and dandy, and that’s bulls–t,” Rodriguez strongly said.

She said that lucky for her, her parents raised her with a strong sense of self. “I grew up with two amazing people in my life,” she said. “My mother and father were so phenomenal when it came to body image and to beauty and being very comfortable in your own skin.”

Meanwhile, Us Magazine claimed that the star of the romantic comedy film “Our Family Wedding” recently gave her fan a memorable experience. When Rodriguez noticed a tweet from fan Jessica Casanova back in January that she wanted to wear Rodriguez’s Zac Posen gown from this year’s Golden Globes to her prom, Rodriguez acted like a fairy godmother. The actress promised the fan that she can have her Golden Globes dress, and the fan did!

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