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James Stavridis: Hillary Clinton’s VP, Photo & Facts About Retired NATO Commander

James Stavridis: Hillary Clinton’s VP, Photo & Facts About Retired NATO Commander
Admiral Stavridis visits KMTC NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan CC BY-SA 2.0


James Stavridis: Hillary Clinton’s VP, Photo & Facts About Retired NATO Commander

James G. Stavridis, retired four star Navy admiral who was the 16th supreme allied commander at NATO, is being vetted as a potential running mate by the campaign of Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has been looking for someone with military experience to serve as vice president, people close to the former secretary of state have said. Stavridis, in this regard, is a likely consideration.

Stavridis, who is currently the dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University, also served as the 15th commander of the U.S. European Command from 2006 until 2009 in addition to his service to NATO from 2009 to 2013, as reported by Politico.

In an interview with M Call, Stavridis, who graduated from the U.S. Naval Office in 1976, said he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps into the military.

“[His father] did a full 30-year career and retired as a full colonel in the Marines after graduating from Allentown HS and later from Cornell University,” Stavridis said. “So the Naval Academy was a very logical choice.”

He is also credited as being the first naval officer to be the 15th commander, U.S. European Command, and NATO’s 16th supreme allied commander in Europe.

In 2012, an investigation that involved Stavridis’ improper use of a military aircraft to fly with his wife at a party in France was launched, the New York Times reported. His travels and trips with his wife, daughter and mother were reviewed in a long Pentagon investigation; following which he was cleared of misconduct.

A report issued by the Pentagon inspector general highlighted Stavridis had not exercised sufficient oversight over staff members and made several bookkeeping mistakes.

The source who spoke about Clinton’s campaign vetting for Stavridis did so anonymously.

Last week, Republican presumptive nominee and business mogul Donald Trump expressed his inclination towards considering a possible running mate with experience in military. Michael Flynn, former Defense Intelligence Agency head who is also a retired three star Army general, is being seen as a consideration.

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