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James Reid & Nadine Lustre: Five Facts On Featured Filipino Love Team in Teen Vogue

James Reid & Nadine Lustre: Five Facts On Featured Filipino Love Team in Teen Vogue
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James Reid & Nadine Lustre: Five Facts On Featured Filipino Love Team in Teen Vogue

James Reid and Nadine Lustre (Jadine), are currently one of the most admired love teams in the Philippines, the country where the pillars of success in the entertainment industry are largely dependent on the popularity of a love team. The pair was recently featured in Teen Vogue and it makes us interested to know more about them!

The duo has only recently started dating, since February 11, but is already a sensation in the Filipino community.

In the Philippines how people perceive entertainment differs from the west. An actor needs to be more than just an actor to be in a movie. Besides the acting skill, an actor should be able to sing and dance as well. A love team is when two actors are paired depending on their natural chemistry and are expected to be seen with each other in everything they do.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre weren’t more than just friends in the beginning. According to Lustre, they were first paired together for Reid’s music video. According to a report by Teen Vogue, Reid said that nothing happened until their first movie together, which was Diary ng Panget (Diary of an Ugly Person).

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“That’s when the JaDine love team started, the fans made the name,” Reid said.

Together JaDine have created the magic that allowed them to win over the hearts and what worked for them was that they never tried to portray what they weren’t. The transparency that they maintained with their fans made them even more acceptable.

There are five facts about the love team that fans would be intrigued to know.

  1. James Reid and Nadine Lustre almost met while auditioning for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010, at the end of which Reid emerged the winner, the Candy Mag reported.
  2. Reid confessed that every time there was a kissing scene with Lustre, he would be very excited.
  3. During the scenes at the Lake Tahoe, Reid’s emotions for Lustre were true, which made the sequence truly magical.
  4. The couple reconciled following their fight during the premiere of Wang Fam and also while they were shooting for the show in Ilocos. It is during that time when Reid realised the importance of Lustre in his life.
  5. Reid did not have any speech prepared for the 10 seconds that he asked for from his producers during their concert, JaDine In Love. Even the producers had no idea about his announcement.

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